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Edited publication
Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (Founding Editor) (November 2007-)

Word Salad Poetry Magazine (Co-editor) (June 2007-May 2008)

Book review
¶A review of John Biggs' Project Integrens in Asian Review of Books (February 2007)

Short stories
¶"The cat woman" (p. 7), in Orbis Quarterly International Literary Journal (UK, issue#142, Winter 2007)
"Tales of departure" [pdf], in Mud Luscious (Issue#1, October 2007)
¶"Julian and James" (pp. 49-50), in The Delinquent (UK, Issue#3, 2007)
¶"Ann", in Arabesques Review: Contemporary Women's Literature (Algeria, Vol. 03, Issue#02, June 2007).
Two poems are now published on the Arabesques website as well.
"Her favourite", in 55 word stories (July 2007)
"Moments not resolved" in Stride Magazine (UK, April 2007)
¶"Enchanted me from the beginning" (pp. 157-163), co-written with
Jeff Zroback inHong Kong Whodunits, published by the Hong Kong Writers' Circle (March 2007)

Dialogues (Co-written)
¶"And the sun stood still" in
Ghoti (Issue#13, Winter 2007)
¶"Two birds and one future" (pp. 20-21), "After the ball" (p. 38) in Gentle Strength Quarterly (USA, Vol. 2, No. 1, Summer 2007)
¶"Perfect teeth" in
Fringe (US, Issue#12, October 2007)
¶"Remembrance and Happenstance" (p. 38) in Barrow Street (USA, Summer 2007)
¶"Brutal end of affair", "Learn to call it texture", "A small circle of chains" in
Admit2 (No.17, May 2007)
¶"The baker must always find his breakfast", "Black box" in
Caffeine Destiny (USA, Spring 2007)
¶"Coffee", "Ill adjusted", "A locked garden" in
Poetry Super Highway (USA, 5-11 February 2007)

Poetry (in anthologies & books)
¶"Watching my Dad fly a kite" (p. 86) in A Moment of Deja Vu, Forward Press, UK (2007)

Poetry (in journals, magazines, e-zines, etc.)
¶"Words" (p. 7) in Orbis Quarterly International Literary Journal (UK, Issue#142, Winter 2007)
"Dinner table", "Before my departure" in Loch Raven Review (Vol. III, No. 4, Winter 2007).
¶"A kind of relationship"
Reprint (p. 476), "Cupid knows his job"Reprint (p. 477) in Taj Mahal Review (India, Vol. 6, No. 2, December 2007)
"Epiphany of a girl divorcing her boyfriend", "Almost the end of the world", "A writers' vow" in Listenlight Poetry Journal (Issue#13, December 2007)
Past", "He wetted his toothbrush"Reprint, "Why she lost her boyfriend at age twenty five"Reprint, "Why she stayed awake one night at age thirty five", "Weak he"Reprint, "I didn't intend to write about sex (after Cyril Wong)", "Pleading" in Great Works (UK, Issue #10, October/November 2007)
¶"In this massive hallway"Reprint, "In the summit of greying snow" in Mascara Literary Review (Australasia, Issue #2, October 2007)
¶"Seasonal Hair" (August 2007, issue#30, p. 66), "Ode to this particular foreign man in Hong Kong" (October 2007, issue#31, p. 59) in Decanto Magazine (UK, 2007)
"Why she lost her boyfriend at age twenty five", "Weak he", "One in a decade" inBlazeVOX 2k7: An Online Journal of Voice (Fall 2007) [PDF]
"In this massive hallway" in 21 Stars Review (Issue#5, September 2007)
"Cupid knows his job" in Nth Position (September 2007)
¶"Peter and Mary","Water", "Letters", "Envy", "Inside the train"
Reprint, "Reasons to love"Reprint, "Sweet heart"Reprint in Poetry Macao (Macao, Issue#5, 2007)
"She dressed in all black" in Word Riot (August 2007)
¶"Your brother, not forgotten" (p. 123) in Saint Ann's Review (USA, Summer 2007)
¶"He wetted his toothbrush" (p. 511), "Mystery" (p. 511) in Taj Mahal Review (India, Vol. 6, No. 1, June 2007)
In a restaurant" (a poem inspired by Ellen Lai's work) (p. 7), "Her editor" (p. 7) in Magma Poetry (UK, Issue #38, Summer 2007)
Reprint (p. 150) in Fire (UK, June 2007)
"Fragments" in Lily (Vol. 4, Issue#7, June 2007)
"The news" inThe Beat (UK, Thursday, May 10th, 2007)
¶"A manifesto" (p. 5) in Poetry Monthly Magazine (UK, Issue#134, May 2007)
¶"How high" (p. 33), "A story within a story" (p. 33) in Iodine Poetry Journal (USA, Spring/Summer 2007)
"To get myself some water" (a poem inspired by Ellen Lai's poem) in Paper Tiger Media--Hutt (Australia, Issue #2.5)
"People in a movie" in Blue Print Review (Germany, Issue#11, April 2007)
¶"Scent" (pp. 42-43) in Etchings 2 (Australia, 2007)
"A kind of relationship", "My pseudo-boyfriend", "From an email to a home-bound friend", "A Venusian who doesn't know it all writes a postcard home (After Craig Raine)", "Addiction" in Makata (Philippines, Vol. 8, April 2007)
¶"Pregnant" (p. 15), "Perhaps death" (p. 16) in The Delinquent (UK, Issue#2, March 2007)
"Lovers' ups and downs" (in six parts) in The Other Voices International Project(Vol. 25, March 4 , 2007)
"Why she wasn't published at age twenty" in Flutter Poetry Journal (Vol 2, Issue#3, March 2007)
"Do not throw litter down the toilet" in TPQ (The Pittsburgh Quarterly) Online (USA, 2007 edition)
¶"A visitor" (p. 19), "Eternity" (p.19) in San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly (USA, The God Issue (Issue#33), Winter 2007)
¶"Early spring" (p. 13) in Hong Kong Culture (Issue#26, February-March 2007)
¶"Deceiving the world" (p. 8) in Envoi (UK, Issue#146, February 2007)
¶"Take away from me" (co-written with
Reid Mitchell) (p. 15) in Poetry Monthly Magazine (UK, Issue#130, January 2007)
"Going to my parents' place on a crowded bus" in Spoken War (2007 Edition)

Images (see gallery here)
¶Toward the Light: Journal of Reflective Word and Image (Winter 2007, p. 46)
Trillium Literary Journal (Vol. 1, Issue #1, Fall 2007, pp. 11, 263 &279)
Blue Print Review (Issue#13, September 2007)
¶Ancient Heart Magazine (UK, July 2007) (pp. 7, 35, 52)
Lily (Vol. 4, Issue#8, July 2007)
Lily (Vol. 4, Issue#7, June 2007)
Lily (Vol. 4, Issue#6, May 2007)
The Other Voices International Project (Vol. 25, March 4, 2007)